Tuesday, July 9

Rice Chess Club tournament: Capablanca is victor over Bernstein

José R. Capablanca is off to a cracking start at the Rice Chess Club Summer Masters' tournament.  The Cuban wizard yesterday easily defeated Jacob Bernstein in 29 moves to record his third successive victory and reclaim sole leadership of the event.  Capablanca, it will be recalled, is completing his games on an accelerated schedule, with yesterday's contest against Bernstein originally having been set to take place during the twelfth round, a month hence.  The young maestro in fact plays not only his games but also his moves at an allegro tempo, and is reported to have used a mere 17 minutes' thinking time in scoring the full point.

We present the game below.  Capablanca, as White in a Queen's Pawn Game, wins a pawn via a series of exchanges straight out of the opening and thereafter makes the task of achieving victory in an endgame of Rooks and opposite-colored Bishops appear quite simple indeed.

The third round will be played today.

Current scores:

3 points: Capablanca (3)
2 points: Kupchik (2), Marder (2)
1 point:   Black (1), Tenenwurzel (1) Adair (2), Bernstein (3)
1/2 point: Beynon (2), Beihoff (3)
0 points: Grommer (2), Phillips (2), Chajes (1), Duras (0)

The number in parentheses following a player's surname indicates the number of games he has played to date.


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