Tuesday, July 16

Rice Chess Club tournament: Beihoff withdraws, his games canceled; Duras arrives; Players' meeting this evening

We report several items of news from off the chessboard regarding the Rice Chess Club Summer Masters' Tournament:

First, George J. Beihoff has announced his withdrawal from the competition, stating that he finds himself quite out of form and thus unable to play to his accustomed standard.  Beihoff, who had scored one half-point from five games, now joins the previously withdrawn J.H. Stapfer on the sidelines.  The Tournament Committee has decided to annul the games already played by Beihoff, thus reducing the scores of Messrs. Capablanca, Marder, Phillips, and Bernstein by one point each, and that of Beynon by half a point.  Our chart below reflects these changes.

Next, we are happy to announce the arrival today aboard the Imperator of world-renowned Czech Master Oldrich Duras, whose presence adds both strength and prestige to the present tourney.  Duras, who naturally requires a brief period of adjustment to recover from his ocean voyage, is not expected to take part in this evening's fifth round, but will instead begin his tournament program with the sixth round, scheduled for the 19th inst., and will make up his earlier missed encounters as time permits. 

Finally, a meeting of the players remaining in the tourney, including Duras, has been called for prior to this evening's round.  Our understanding is that some of the competitors, especially those who had defeated the withdrawn players, are justifiably disturbed by these premature departures from the event and the consequent loss of points earned against the drop-outs over the board.  This evening's meeting will address the matter; with what result, we cannot say.  Our own view is that a player should withdraw from a tournament only in the most exigent of circumstances, as a just resolution of the problems created by a withdrawal is often impossible, and the effects of one man quitting a tourney, like ripples in a pond, can spread far and wide, touching all those left behind.

Current scores:

4 points: Capablanca (4)
3 points: Kupchik (3)
2 1/2 points: Marder (3)
2 points: Tenenwurzel (3), Bernstein (4)
1 1/2 points: Black (2)
1 point: Chajes (3), Adair (4)
0 points:  Duras (0), Phillips (2), Grommer (3), Beynon (3)

The number in parentheses following a player's surname indicates the number of games he has played to date.  The adjourned game Phillips-Black is not included in the above table.

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