Friday, March 8

Alekhine-Levitsky match, Game 4: Levitsky records first victory, trails 3-1

Stepan Levitsky scored his first victory in the fourth game of his match against Alexander Alekhine, defeating his young opponent in a hard-fought battle lasting 56 moves.  Alekhine now leads the match, whose victor will be the first to win seven games, by the score of three victories to one.

Alekhine, playing White, selected the Vienna Game as his weapon of choice, advancing steadily with his pawns on the Queen-side while his opponent sought counterplay on the King's wing.  White's attack initially appeared the faster, but ultimately proved inadequate to break through the Black defenses.  Alekhine, whose notes are included in the game score below, feels that his move 28.Qa2 was an error, and cites 28.f3 as a superior option.  Then, as so often occurs in chess, an opportunity missed by one side leads to the tipping of the balance in favor of the other, and the next several moves saw Levitsky in the ascendancy, with Alekhine at last feeling himself compelled to yield Queen for Rook, Knight, and pawn at his 36th turn.  The second player handled the remainder of the game with assurance, invading White's position with his heavy pieces and rendering harmless the White b-pawn, which stood dangerously close to the Queening square, until at last forcing resignation at the 56th move.  Herewith the game score:

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