Monday, March 18

Vienna Jubilee tournament, Round 1

An eight-man tournament is underway to celebrate the jubilee of the founding of the Vienna Chess Club, and featuring several Masters and strong amateurs resident in that metropolis: Schlechter, Tartakower, Spielmann, Perlis, Reti, Kaufmann, Schenkein, and Löwy.  The event will be a double-round affair, with prizes generously provided by the Trebitsch memorial fund.

First-round pairings were  Löwy vs. Spielmann, Schlechter vs. Kaufmann, Reti vs. Perlis, and Schenkein vs. Tartakower, with all games decisive, and those whose names appear in boldface above having registered victories.  Herewith we present three of the games, all that have come to hand; we shall of course continue our coverage of this event as it proceeds.

Our favorite game of the round was the following splendid victory by Dr. Perlis:

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