Wednesday, March 20

Vienna Jubilee tournament, Round 2: Spielmann takes lead

Rudolf Spielmann now stands alone in first place at the Vienna Jubilee tournament with a perfect score after recording a fine win over Dr. Julius Perlis in the second round.  In other games, Tartakower and Reti played to a draw, as did Löwy and Schlechter, while Schenkein, playing Black, defeated Kaufmann.

The standings after 2 rounds are:  Spielmann 2; Tartakower, Schlechter 1 1/2; Perlis, Schenkein 1; Löwy, Reti 1/2; Kaufmann 0.

We have received from Vienna the score of only the Spielmann-Perlis encounter; in compensation, it represents an excellent performance by the winner, one we are happy to share with our readers:

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