Sunday, March 24

Vienna Jubilee tournament, Round 3: Spielmann, Tartakower tied for lead

Dr. S. Tartakower scored a fine attacking win over Dr. J. Perlis in the third round of the Vienna Jubilee tourney to claim a share of the lead in the event alongside Rudolf Spielmann, who dropped his first half-point of the competition by drawing with Carl Schlechter.  In other games, Löwy topped Schenkein and Reti defeated Dr. Kaufmann, the last-named suffering his third successive loss.

Tartakower, the master of myriad unusual opening variations, employed the Cozio Defense against the Ruy Lopez of Perlis, obtaining an active position therefrom at the cost of certain weaknesses in his pawn structure.  The decisive moment of the struggle came at the 17th move when Black sacrificed a Bishop to launch an attack against the White King, which assault proved irresistible after the quiet but deadly coup 20...Qc3!.  Perlis found himself compelled to cede a full Rook to escape from the toils, whereupon Tartakower, now an exchange to the good, made short work of achieving victory.  We present below the game score, the only one from this round to have reached our offices.

Scores after Round 3: Tartakower, Spielmann 2 1/2; Schlechter 2;  Löwy, Reti 1 1/2; Perlis, Schenkein 1; Kaufmann 0.


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