Friday, March 15

Alekhine-Levitsky match, Game 7: Levitsky closes to within one point with convincing win; trails 4-3

St. Petersburg: Stepan Levitsky, continuing his recovery from a poor start, scored a relatively easy victory over Alexander Alekhine in the seventh game of their ongoing match, winning for the third time in the last four contests and narrowing the score to 4-3 in favor of his young opponent.  Overall victory in the contest will go to the first player to record seven won games.

Levitsky, with the first move, chose the Giuoco Piano, the game following the lines of the third contest between these same opponents until White varied at his 9th turn with 9.h3 in place of the earlier 9.Be3.  Alekhine, ever aggressive, attempted a quick strike on the King-side with 11...g5 and 12...g4, an advance that proved not only harmless for White but disadvantageous for Black, and which, in combination with 15...Bxe3? and 18...Bxf3?, left the first player in possession of a powerful Bishop and the open f-line as means of exploiting the weaknesses in the opposing position.  White soon gained two pawns, while simultaneously bringing about an endgame completely lacking in counterplay for Alekhine, who resigned at the 54th move, the result of the game having long been a foregone conclusion.  We append the game score, together with a few very brief comments by Alekhine, who appears understandably dissatisfied with his play in this latest encounter:

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