Friday, March 29

Vienna Jubilee tournament, Rounds 6 and 7: Spielmann retains lead at halfway mark despite first loss; Tartakower 2nd, Reti 3rd

The Vienna Jubilee tournament has reached its halfway mark after the completion of the sixth and seventh rounds, with native son  Rudolf Spielmann, who has never stood less than equal first in the tourney, alone atop the score table.  Spielmann, with five and one-half points from seven games played, leads Dr. Saviely Tartakower by one half-point, while Richard Reti, who inflicted the first defeat on the leader in the latest round, stands third, a further half-point behind.

We have received only the results, and not the game scores, of the sixth-round contests, which ended as follows:  Spielmann 1-0 Kaufmann; Löwy 0-1 Tartakower; Schlechter 1/2-1/2 Perlis; Schenkein 0-1 Reti. 

These results produced the following standings: Spielmann 5 1/2; Tartakower 4 1/2; Schlechter, Reti 3 1/2; Perlis 2 1/2; Löwy, Schenkein 1 1/2; Kaufmann 1.

In the seventh round, Reti, playing White in a Ruy Lopez, obtained an excellent position against Spielmann, winning a pawn through a mating threat and bringing about an endgame which the first player conducted successfully to victory.  We present below the first 30 moves of this encounter, all that have been transmitted from Vienna.  In other games, Tartakower and Schlechter fought to a draw, Perlis defeated Schenkein, and Löwy, in a game whose complete score we have appended below, topped Kaufmann on the Black side of a Ruy Lopez, making imaginative and energetic use of his Queen-side pawns.

The scores after Round 7, the halfway mark, are thus as follows: Spielmann 5 1/2; Tartakower 5; Reti 4 1/2; Schlechter 4; Perlis 3 1/2; Löwy 3; Schenkein 1 1/2; Kaufmann 1.  We note the curious circumstance that the first six competitors each stand exactly one half-point apart, making frequent alterations to their ordering most likely in the coming rounds.

The games:



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