Tuesday, March 12

City of London Chess Club Championship Final

We present two games played recently in the early rounds of this annual event, tantamount to the Championship of the metropolis itself.  In the first, Mr. Loman scores a fine victory over Herr Lasker in a game displaying the power of the two Bishops on an open board.  In the other, Mr. George A. Thomas, for several years one of the strongest London players, wins a difficult pawn endgame from Mr. Cole.  We urge our readers to consider this endgame carefully, as it offers much in the way of instruction.  Indeed, some of the strongest players in our local club, including the current club Champion, Herr Fritz, were mistaken in their initial evaluation of the position after 38.Kxc2, thinking that it must be drawn.  Closer examination, however, reveals it to be a win for White, and we have added a few apposite variations, fruit of the analytical work of our clubmates, as evidence thereof:


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