Saturday, March 30

Vienna Jubilee tournament, Round 8: Spielmann, Tartakower, Schlechter are winners

The eighth round of the Vienna Jubilee tournament, opening the second half of the event, proved a near-replica of the initial round, with Spielmann, Tartakower, and Schlechter repeating their earlier victories over, respectively, Löwy, Schenkein, and Kaufmann.  Only Perlis failed to equal his first-round success, this time drawing his game vs. Reti.

We have received two game scores from Vienna, and can state with confidence that our readers will find both of interest.  In the first, Spielmann, playing White in a Four Knights' Game, gradually builds up an attack against the King-side of Löwy, at last crowning his efforts with a fine sacrificial idea.  In the second, Schlechter, as Black in the Exchange Variation of the Ruy Lopez, masterfully dismantles the apparently solid position of Kaufmann.  We would call particular attention to the moves 19...Nf4, 23...f5, 26...b5 and 29...c4, each of which loosens the foundations of the opposing bulwarks.  We have reason to believe that the concluding moves of this game may be missing from the version that has reached us, as Black's victory, though demonstrable with careful analysis, is by no means obvious at the point where the score breaks off.  In consequence, we have appended to the game score the results of the analytical investigations of some of the finest players of our club, who agree unanimously that the final position as we have it is won for the second player in theory, just as it was in practice.

Scores after 8 rounds: Spielmann 6 1/2; Tartakower 6; Reti, Schlechter 5; Perlis 4; Löwy 3; Schenkein 1 1/2; Kaufmann 1.

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