Saturday, March 23

Ed. Lasker-Gunsberg match: Gunsberg resigns match without further play

From London comes the unexpected news that Isidor Gunsberg has resigned his scheduled six-game match with Herr Edward Lasker after only two games, with the score level at one point all.  The veteran Master, soundly defeated in the first contest, and balancing on the precipice of defeat in the second before being rescued at the last moment by his opponent's blunder, considers the play to date as evidence of his inability to perform at his former level, and in consequence has chosen to withdraw from the field of battle, sportingly conceding the superiority of his young adversary.  In our time we have heard players assign the blame for their own performance to the sun, the stars, and the sea air, and it is a rare man indeed who can acknowledge the superior strength of another without cavil or equivocation.  Nevertheless, our view is that we need more such men in chess, not fewer, and we express our distinct hope that Gunsberg, even as he now approaches the end of his sixth decade, will, upon further consideration, continue, "made weak by time and fate, but strong in will, to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield" in future struggles over the sixty-four squares.       

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