Thursday, March 21

Ed. Lasker-Gunsberg match, Game 2: Gunsberg evens score after blunder by Lasker in winning position

Isidor Gunsberg enjoyed a near-miraculous reprieve from looming defeat in the second game of his match against Edward Lasker when the latter, with victory and a prospective 2-0 advantage in the six-game contest within his grasp, committed a grievous blunder, overlooking a Bishop interposition and allowing his veteran opponent to escape from what had appeared a hopeless situation.  To compound matters, Lasker, his equilibrium obviously disturbed by the error, thereafter overpressed his blunted attack, and, twice spurning opportunities to bring the game to a drawn conclusion, went on to lose.  The score in the match is thus leveled at 1-1, and aficionados of our game cannot help but speculate anent the manner in which this sudden reversal of fortune might affect the subsequent course of the contest.  Supporters of Herr Lasker may perhaps draw some cheer from the fact that the young adept, rather than making excuses for his play or retreating into silence, has provided commentary to the game in which he manfully takes himself to task for his own errors, surely a sign of a strong and honest character, and one capable of withstanding such an unexpected blow:

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