Wednesday, March 27

Vienna Jubilee tournament, Round 5: Spielmann still 1st, Tartakower now clear 2nd after victories

Tourney leaders Rudolf Spielmann and Dr. Saviely Tartakower both recorded victories in the fifth round of the Vienna Jubilee tournament, the former maintaining his hold on first place by defeating Joachim Schenkein in crushing style and the latter moving into clear second position after dispatching Dr. Arthur Kaufmann via a Rook sacrifice leading to a mating attack.  Dr. Julius Perlis registered the day's other win by topping Leopold Löwy, Jr., while the game between Richard Reti and Carl Schlechter was drawn.

We have received from our Austrian sources the two leaders' games from this round, which the reader will find appended below.  Schenkein, playing White, appears to have badly mishandled an English Opening, to the extent that the first player already found himself without resource after Spielmann's ninth move, and was forced to strike his colors seven moves thereafter.  Tartakower, maneuvering adroitly in a Giuoco Piano, slowly brought his forces to bear on Black's castled position on the Queen-side, and crowned his efforts with the fine winning blow 34.Rxb7+.

Scores after 5 rounds: Spielmann 4 1/2; Tartakower 3 1/2; Schlechter 3; Reti 2 1/2; Löwy, Perlis 2; Schenkein 1 1/2; Kaufmann 1.



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