Saturday, June 21

Championship of Catalonia, continued: Lafuente

We continue our coverage of the Championship of Catalonia with four games by second-place finisher Leopoldo de Lafuente. Here Sr. Lafuente wins material as the result of a powerful King-side offensive and later decides matters in his favor in the endgame.

In the following encounter Sr. Lafuente, on the Black side of a French Deferse, gains the exchange through a combination involving a Queen sacrifice.

Sr. Lafuente here outplays third-place finisher Francisco Martino from an equal endgame.

We close with a light diversion. In our coverage of last year's Barcelona Championship we remarked on the large number of classic Bishop sacrifices to be found in the games played at the Café de la Sala Imperio during that event. Perhaps the atmosphere at the Café is particularly conducive to such a style, for Sr. Lafuente, playing in the Catalonian Championship at same venue, here provides us with yet another Bishop sacrifice on h7.

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