Thursday, June 19

Yates defeats Thomas in match, 3-1

British Champion F.D. Yates defeated Mr. George A. Thomas 3-1 in a match concluded in early June at the City of London Chess Club. The contest was originally scheduled for five games, but following an opening draw Yates won the second and third games in succession, after which a draw in the fourth game assured the Yorkshireman of victory and rendered the final encounter unnecessary. The crucial moment of the entire match may perhaps be said to have come as early as the second game, in which Thomas achieved a winning position on the White side of a Four Knights' Opening, only to fall victim to an ingenious counter-attack on the part of his opponent. Yates then scored the third game to his credit in fine style, taking the full point in the endgame after a hard-fought Ruy Lopez.

We present the two decisive encounters below:

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