Monday, June 30

Edward Lasker wins City of London Chess Club Championship

We continue our coverage of items of interest heretofore left unreported in these pages owing to want of time and space with the news that Herr Edward Lasker has captured one of the most prestigious club titles in the world, the Championship of the City of London Chess Club. This event, contested over several months, was comprised of two round-robin preliminary sections of 12 and 13 men respectively, from which the top four finishers advanced to compete in an eight-man final. In the final tourney Herr Lasker tallied 5 1/2 points from seven games to take the laurels, narrowly edging out Mr. R.P. Michell, who scored 5 points. Third and fourth places were shared by Mr. E.G. Sergeant and defending Champion Mr. George A. Thomas with 4 1/2 points each. Messrs. Herbert Jacobs with 3 points, G.E. Wainwright with 2 1/2, H. Saunders with 2, and R.H.V. Scott with 1 rounded out the field.

We present one of Herr Lasker's victories from the final; other games from the tourney will follow soon in future installments. Here the new Champion of the City of London Club sacrifices first one pawn, later another, and then even the exchange in furtherance of a King-side assault that at last achieves success, albeit with some assistance from his opponent.  


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