Sunday, June 22

Belfast Championship 1914: A.S. Roper claims Williamson Shield

Mr. A.S. Roper has captured the Championship of Belfast for 1914 to become the latest holder of the award emblematic of that title, the Williamson Shield. Mr. Roper, who took third place in last year's Championship tournament, defeated defending titleholder Harold Thomas in a lengthy final-round encounter that extended over three playing sessions to claim victory in this year's event by a half-point margin. The final scores of the four-man double round-robin tourney were as follows: A.S. Roper 5; Harold Morton 4 1/2; W.J. Allen 1; T. Patterson 1/2. Keen-eyed readers will note that the sum of all points scored equals only 11 and not the 12 to be expected, a discrepancy arising from the fact that the second game between Messrs. Allen and Patterson was to the best of our knowledge left unplayed.

We present a game by the new Belfast Champion:

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