Wednesday, June 25

More games from the Championship of Catalonia

We present another selection of games from the recent Championship of Catalonia. Today we turn our attention to Señores Francisco Martino and Emilio Ardévol, who shared 3rd and 4th places in the tourney. We begin with Sr. Martino, who here takes the full point from Sr. González in a Bishop endgame.

In our next offering Sr. Martino outplays 5th-place finisher Dr. Puig.

And here Sr. Martino displays his attacking prowess, concluding a King-side assault with a brace of powerful pawn moves.

Sr. Ardévol was the only player to inflict two defeats on Sr. Puntas, the tournament winner. Here he does so in drastic fashion, delivering checkmate in only 18 moves.

In the following encounter Sr. Ardévol recovers from an inferior position a pawn in arrears to defeat the new Catalonian Champion in a hard-fought endgame.

We close with another example of the great fighting spirit of Sr. Ardévol, who once again overcomes an inferiority in position and material to claim victory, the victim in this case being Sr. Durán.

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