Friday, June 20

Puntas wins Championship of Catalonia

Señor Josep Puntas has won the Championship of Catalonia by taking first place in a giant 16-man double round-robin tournament held at Barcelona's Café de la Sala Imperio, the hub of chess activity in that city. Sr. Puntas, with a total of 21 points, claimed the title by virtue of his one half-point advantage over Sr. Leopoldo de Lafuente, who scored 20 1/2. Sharing third and fourth places were Srs. Francisco Martino and Emilio Ardévol on 18 points each, followed closely by Barcelona Champion Dr. E. Puig with 17 1/2. The complete final standings were as follows:

Puntas 21; Lafuente 20 1/2, Martino, Ardévol 18, Puig 17 1/2; Lopéz, Reverter, Bertrán 16 1/2; Villegas 15 1/2; Valle 14; Durán 13, Blasco 11 1/2; González 7 1/2; Godoy 7; Estades 6 1/2*; Permanyer 5 1/2.
*Señor Estades withdrew from the tournament at the half-way mark.

We were recently favored with a generous selection of games from the Championship, and having now examined the lot we can report with confidence that much interesting chess was played during the course of the tournament. We intend to share with our readers the best efforts of our Catalonian chess friends, and plan to do so in several installments, beginning today with three victories by the tournament winner.

Here Señor Puntas carries out a successful attack in a heavy-piece endgame, at last delivering checkmate.

In our next offering the new Catalonian Champion crowns a King-side attack  with a pretty Rook sacrifice.


In our final game of the day Sr. Puntas demonstrates his endgame skill in defeating Barcelona Champion Dr. Puig.

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