Sunday, June 15

Two recent games by Alekhine

We are in receipt of two games played by Alexander Alekhine in St. Petersburg in the weeks since the close of the great international tournament recently held in that city. In the first the young Russian Master offers his opponent Vigdorchik pawn and move and decides matters via a powerful King-side attack. A notable feature of this contest is the journey of the Black b-pawn, which travels far and wide from its home square, at last delivering the final blow by promoting to a Queen on f1.

In our second featured game of the day Alekhine, in search of victory as always, presses too hard in the endgame and suffers defeat in an exhibition encounter vs. his countryman Ilya Rabinovich, who, we understand, intends to participate at the upcoming Mannhein congress, most likely in the Hauptturnier. A man capable of defeating Alekhine on even terms may reasonably be expected to perform quite well in such an event.


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