Thursday, June 12

Sharp battle from Germany

Coverage of the Baden and St. Petersburg tournaments necessarily consumed the bulk of our time and attention during the months of April and May, postponing the presentation of other items of interest. We hope to redress that balance over the coming weeks, and today offer a sharp battle from the recent tournament of the Oldenburg-East Frisian Schachbund, a contest in which Dr. Carl Hartlaub takes the measure of fellow Bremen resident Carl Carls. The play, especially from approximately the 20th move onward, is particularly rich, as Carls with Black seeks to complicate matters in an inferior position via the Knight offer 24...Nc1, to which Dr. Hartlaub replies with a bold Knight sacrifice of his own, 25.Nf5, a gift that Black would have done well to accept. The reader will find a number of attractive variations in the notes, for which we are indebted, as so often, to our friend Herr Fritz, who enjoys nothing so much as a tactical melee.

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