Friday, June 13

Marshall-Teichmann match: Teichmann, with victory in second game, takes match 1 1/2 - 1/2

Richard Teichmann defeated U.S. Champion Frank J. Marshall in the second game of their short match at Berlin to take the contest by the score of 1 1/2 - 1/2. Teichmann, playing Black against the American's Queen's Gambit Declined, accepted a pawn sacrifice at the 15th move, booty that he returned six moves later in the interest of obtaining freer play for his pieces. An exchange of Queens followed shortly thereafter, giving rise to an endgame in which the consensus of expert opinion held that Black stood somewhat better. Marshall's 29.f3? proved a crucial mistake, as Teichmann with the reply 29...Rb8 attacked White's restricted light-squared Bishop and force the first player to cede the exchange via 30.Rxc3. The German Master subsequently avoided all Marshall's attempts to create a "swindle" - see, for example, the trap set by the ingenious American at the 35th move - and ultimately decided the encounter by virtue of his material preponderance in the endgame, the last moves of which were unfortunately not included with the game scored as received by us.

Teichmann now adds this triumph over Marshall to his laurels, which were already augmented earlier this year by a match victory over Spielmann. We are unaware whether the victor of the Carlsbad, 1911 tournament intends to compete in the coming event at Mannheim, but express our sincere hope that he will do so, as it would be a great delight to see him in harness once again.

Herewith the second game of the match.


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