Thursday, June 26

Championship of Catalonia: Games by Dr. Puig

We continue our presentation of games from the Championship of Catalonia with three winning efforts by Barcelona Champion Dr. E. Puig, who took fifth place in the Catalonian tourney, a rather more modest result than might have been expected. Here Dr. Puig shows his strength by defeating Sr. González when the latter falters in a heavy-piece endgame.

In the following encounter Dr. Puig displays excellent fighting qualities by creating counter-chances in an inferior endgame and at last gaining the victory against Sr. Estades after a long and complex struggle.

And here Dr. Puig as White establishes a powerful Knight on f5 before dispatching Sr. Godoy with a mating attack.

In a final report on the Championship of Catalonia we shall offer a few samples of the play of those competitors who finished further down the score table.

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