Saturday, June 14

Giant match between Dutch and German players

We have received word of a giant team match between Dutch and German players held earlier this month at Nijmegen, a double-round affair over 77 boards in which the home representatives of the Nederlandse Schaakbond defeated the visiting Niederrheinisch-Westfälische side by the score of 87-67. The Dutch team thereby repeated its earlier success from similar matches held in 1911 at Krefeld and 1906 at Arnhem; the opening contest of this ongoing series, played at Neuss in 1904, ended in a draw.

While we note few familiar names among the participants, those of Geus and van Foreest, who both took part in last year's Scheveningen international tournament, are to be found on the Dutch roster. The game appended, a victory by the home side's Benjamin Leussen over Dr. Carl Deichmann of Köln, was played at second board.

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