Monday, April 1

Vienna Jubilee tournament, Round 9: Spielmann increases lead with victory

Rudolf Spielmann scored yet another victory in the ninth round of the Vienna Jubilee chess tournament, employing the French Defense to take the full point from Dr. Julius Perlis.  Spielmann's 24...Bxg2 secured the win of a pawn and brought about a Rook endgame which the Viennese Master conducted surely to a successful conclusion.  Spielmann has now won seven of nine games played, alongside one loss and one draw, and leads the tourney by a full point over Tartakower, who drew his game with Reti.  The Schlechter-Löwy encounter was also drawn.  The round's fourth scheduled game, Schenkein-Kaufmann, was not played, and will be made up at a later date.  We append the score of the Perlis-Spielmann contest below.

Scores after 9 rounds:  Spielmann 7 1/2; Tartakower 6 1/2; Reti, Schlechter 5 1/2; Perlis 4; Löwy 3 1/2; Schenkein 1 1/2*, Kaufmann 1*.    *Plus one game as yet unplayed.


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