Thursday, March 13

Capablanca in Vienna: Cuban partners with Reti to defeat Fähndrich and Kaufmann

Reports from Vienna confirm that José R. Capablanca has now arrived in that city, where on the 11th and 12th inst. he partnered with Richard Reti* to defeat Hugo Fähndrich and Dr. Arthur Kaufmann in a hard-fought game. The contest, which bears the stamp of Capablanca's genius for endgame play, is given below; the sure and steady progress made by the second player after the exchange of Queens, the sacrifice of a pawn to effect a break-through into the White position, the immobilization of the White Rook on h3, and the harmonious co-operation of the Black forces in shepherding the advance of the f-pawn all deserve careful study and great praise. We understand that while in Vienna Capablanca will contest a two-game match vs. Dr. Tartakower and will also face Reti in single combat, all games that we hope to present to our readers over the coming days.

*We are not entirely certain regarding the participation of Reti in the game in question, as the reports received by us are in conflict on this point, with some indicating that Capablanca alone faced the consultants Fähndrich and Kaufmann. As noted above, the game is in any case unquestionably reflective of his inimitable style.   

Herewith the latest triumph by the Cuban hero:


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