Friday, March 21

Capablanca in Paris: Aurbach defeated by Cuban hero in first match game

From Paris comes a report that José R. Capablanca has arrived in that city after completing his engagements at Vienna. Yesterday, March 20th, the Cuban ace began a scheduled two-game exhibition match vs. Arnold Aurbach, scoring the opening contest to his credit at the 36th move. Readers may recall that the Warsaw-born Aurbach, now a resident of the French capital, faced Capablanca in two hard-fought battles played at Paris in October of last year, winning a casual encounter and losing a more formal exhibition game. In yesterday's clash the spirited Franco-Polish Master ventured the Albin Counter Gambit against his mighty adversary and seemed for a time to enjoy a fine position before Capablanca gradually brought his material superiority to bear in a heavy-piece endgame. We reproduce the game below, leaving to the analysts the task of determining where Black might have strengthened his play.

Tomorrow Capablanca is set to conduct two clock games simultaneously, his opponents being the Master Adolphe Silbert and the young prodigy André Muffang. Look for those contests to appear in this space in the near future.

Herewith the Capablanca-Aurbach encounter.

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