Thursday, March 20

Kupchik cedes Progressive Chess Club title to Jaffe after two tie for first in Championship tourney

In a praiseworthy display of selfless sportsmanship Abraham Kupchik has yielded the Championship of New York's Progressive Chess Club to Charles Jaffe after the two players finished tied for first place in the club's annual title tournament. Kupchik and Jaffe each posted a 10-1 score in the twelve-man round-robin event, with the former besting the latter in their individual game. As neither man expressed an interest in contesting a play-off match, a shared Championship was expected - that is, until Kupchik, to the surprise of all, offered to relinquish his claim on the crown in favor of Jaffe. The young Master, who recently captured the Championship of the Manhattan Chess Club, declared himself satisfied with that title alone and not in need of any other. For Jaffe, long one of the strongest and most active players on the New York chess scene, the present occasion marks the first time that he has reigned as Champion of any of the city's several clubs.

We have two games from the tourney to share with our readers. In the first, Kupchik defeats Jaffe in a French Defense with a pretty mating finish.

And here Kupchik scores an endgame victory over Oscar Chajes, who took third place in the Progressive Club tourney with a score of 8 1/2 - 2 1/2.


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