Thursday, March 27

World Champion in Russia: Dr. Lasker employs King's Gambit to win sharp miniature from team of consulting opponents

We are in receipt of more news of Dr. Lasker's doings in Russia. The World Champion traveled from Moscow more than 100 miles to the southeast, to the city of Ryazan, where in simultaneous play against 29 opponents he scored 25 victories and 3 draws, with only one defeat. The latest report from the land of the Czar also included the score of a fine game won by the Doctor on the 25th inst. in Ryazan against a consulting team of five strong players, a contest that we assume took place independently of the aforementioned exhibition, although our source is unclear on this point.

In the game Dr. Lasker, as he is sometimes wont to do on less formal occasions, essayed the King's Gambit - to be specific, the rather rare Rosentreter Gambit 1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 g5 4.d4. The Champion's consulting opponents eschewed the standard reply 4...g4 in favor of 4...d5, a move that we can recall having seen in only one prior contest, Spielmann-E. Cohn from the Abbazia gambit tournament of 1912. After 5.exd5 the Black allies opted for 5...Qxd5 in place of Cohn's 5...g4, producing a position not to be found in our card index. Dr. Lasker developed his forces expeditiously, and with 10. Ne5 left his Queen's pawn en prise, an offer the consultants wisely saw fit to decline, as the subjoined notes will demonstrate. The Champion nevertheless appeared to have somewhat the better of things when the allies' 19...Nc8? allowed a quick finish via 20.Bc4 Qf5 21.Rh6!, posing unanswerable threats to the Black Queen and King.

We present the game below.    

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