Saturday, March 29

World Champion in Russia: Dr. Lasker, in fine form, tops consulting team at Moscow

If one may judge from the latest example of his play to reach us from Russia, Dr. Lasker's long absence from serious chess has had little or no deleterious effect on his playing strength. The World Champion, once again in Moscow after his excursion to Ryazan, on the 26th inst. took on and defeated the strong consulting team of Messrs. Blumenfeld, Pavlov, and Estrin, winning in attractive style in 35 moves. The game, a Ruy Lopez, displays the Champion's accustomed positional and tactical mastery, with the peregrinations of White's King's Knight from g1-f3-d4-f5-h6-f7-h6-g4 being of particular interest. In the final position Black will soon lose a second pawn at the very least.

Dr. Lasker's next exhibition games - the first vs. Alekhine, followed by a return contest vs. Dr. Bernstein - should provide even more evidence of his present form in advance of the St. Petersburg tourney. We hope that form is most excellent indeed, as the Champion, at his best, is capable of producing works of such virtuosity and depth as to bring delight to all true lovers of our noble game.

We append the latest victory by the Doctor.

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