Monday, March 3

Dr. Tarrasch in Italy: Milan

Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch has begun an Italian tour that will see the celebrated German Master fulfill chess engagements in Milan, Turin, Genoa, Bologna, and Naples, among other cities. On the 27th ult. in Milan the Doctor played three games simultaneously against consulting pairs of opponents, winning two and drawing the third. One may gauge the strength of the opposition, as well as the high regard in which Dr. Tarrasch is held by his Italian hosts, from the fact that no less a player than Arturo Reggio, winner of the Italian national tourney at Bologna late last year, figured among the opponents of the performer on this occasion, joining with Roberto Sani to earn a draw.

We plan to follow the progress of the Praeceptor Germaniae during his tour, and will share with our readers such information as comes to hand. For the present we have one game from the Milan exhibition to offer, the drawn contest referred to above.


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