Sunday, March 30

World Champion in Russia: Alekhine, Dr. Lasker play to short, sharp draw in exhibition game

On the 28th inst. Russian co-Champion Alexander Alekhine and World Champion Dr. Emanuel Lasker played to a draw in 16 moves in an exhibition game at Moscow, the first meeting over the board between one of the rising stars of the new generation and the standard-bearer of the established order. The contest, a Scotch Game, proved of more than usual interest despite its brief duration, with Alekhine sacrificing a Bishop at his 13th turn and offering the exchange at his 14th in order to force perpetual check while a Rook to the bad. Students of opening play will wish to make note of the World Champion's 10th move, 10...Be6, which we believe to be a new try in a well-known position, 10...c6 being the most common continuation. The two players will meet again soon at the much-anticipated St. Petersburg tournament, set to begin in a few weeks' time.

Herewith the game score.


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