Monday, March 10

Dr. Tarrasch in Italy: Bologna

Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch continues his Italian tour, charming his hosts at each stop along the way by virtue of his courteous bearing and consummate skill. The chess aficionados of Bologna were the latest to welcome the good Doctor, who on 5 March took on the formidable consulting pair of Giovanni Cenni and Gastone Montessori, both participants in last year's Italian national tournament. Handling the Black pieces and employing his preferred ...c5 defense to the Queen's Pawn Opening, Dr. Tarrasch scored the game to his credit in 30 moves as he extricated himself from a rather difficult position by means of a timely exchange sacrifice. The game is appended.

On the following day, 6 March, the visitor gave an exhibition of simultaneous play against 13 opponents, four of them - Signori Belli, Buono, D'Amelio, and Montessori - being veterans of the recent Bologna national tourney. Against this powerful cohort Dr. Tarrasch made the impressive score of 9 victories and 3 draws, losing only to Dr. Bombicci. We reproduce that last game below, as its endgame is of more than usual interest.

Dr. Tarrasch is reported to have spoken highly of the level of chess development that he has encountered in Italy, and to have praised the enthusiasm of that nation's players. From Bologna, we understand, he is to travel next to Naples, and we will report on his activities there as information comes to hand.

Herewith the games referred to above.

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