Tuesday, March 11

Four Masters compete in Berlin tourney; All are tied with even score at halfway mark

A four-man Master tournament is presently underway at Berlin's Café Kerkau. Participating in the double round-robin event are Richard Teichmann and Rudolf Spielmann, fresh from their match at Leipzig, along with veteran campaigner Jacques Mieses and Berlin native Erich Cohn. The close of the first tour saw all four competitors tied with an even score of 1 1/2 - 1 1/2. Teichmann has drawn his three games to date, while Cohn defeated Mieses, Mieses bested Spielmann, and Spielmann topped Cohn. Under such circumstances, we are rather loth to offer any prognostications concerning the final results of the event.

We have three games from the tourney's first half to share with our readers. Here Spielmann succeeds in doing what he was unable to do in three attempts during his recent match vs. Teichmann - namely, to achieve a draw with the Black pieces. 


Next, Mieses scores a win with his favorite Center Game, defending himself with sangfroid against a most menacing attack by Spielmann.

In our final offering of the day Cohn sacrifices the exchange and afterward makes excellent use of his two Bishops en route to a fine endgame victory over Mieses.

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