Sunday, March 2

Teichmann-Spielmann match, Game 6: Teichmann wins final game, takes match 5-1

Richard Teichmann concluded his match at Leipzig vs. Rudolf Spielmann with another victory, his fourth in succession and fifth in the six-game series, to take the contest by the score of 5-1. Teichmann, already assured of success in the match but not content to rest on his laurels, began the final encounter in enterprising fashion, answering Spielmann's Vienna Gambit 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nc6 f4 with a counter-gambit of his own, 3...Bc5 4.fxe5 d6 5.exd6 Qxd6. Spielmann, too, displayed ingenuity in his play, with the bold Knight sacrifice 9.Nb5 making a particularly striking impression, though yielding the Austrian Master no more than an equal game at best. By his 15th turn Teichmann felt confident enough in the solidity of his position to capture the White a-pawn via 15...Bxa2, thereby securing a material advantage that he never afterward relinquished. In the subsequent play Spielmann proved unable to mount an attack, and when White at his 28th move felt compelled to offer the exchange of Queens in order to ward off Black's own threatened onslaught it became apparent to all that the first player faced a difficult struggle even to draw the game, a task he proved unable to accomplish. Teichmann soon brought about a Rook endgame in which he enjoyed a surplus of two pawns, and accepted his opponent's resignation at the 40th move, the Black King by that time having entered White's half of the board in order to support the advance of the passed g-pawn.

We congratulate Teichmann on a most impressive performance - the German, victor at Carlsbad in 1911 and now in his 46th year, remains a most formidable force in the world of chess.  At the same time, we extend our sympathies to Spielmann, who has now lost two consecutive matches to Dr. Tartakower and Teichmann after having previously scored match victories over Leonhardt, Niemzowitsch, Mieses, Perlis, Reti, Alapin, and others. He will doubtless return to form again.

Here now the sixth and final game of the match:



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