Tuesday, March 25

World Champion in Russia: Dr. Lasker defeats Bernstein in Moscow exhibition game

We learn via cable that Dr. Emanuel Lasker, the World Champion, has arrived in Russia in advance of next month's grand tournament at St. Petersburg. The Doctor, who has not contested a serious game since his Championship match vs. Janowski in late 1910, appears determined to enter the lists in fighting trim, with exhibition, consultation, and simultaneous games on his agenda over the coming days. Yesterday, March 24th, he defeated Dr. Ossip Bernstein in an exhibition game played at Moscow, scoring the point in 33 moves from the Black side of a Ruy Lopez. The game, which the reader will find below, originally followed the course of the brilliant victory by Capablanca over Dr. Bernstein from San Sebastian, 1911.  At the 13th move Dr. Lasker chose 13...Rfe8 in preference to the 13...Rab8 played vs. Capablanca by Dr. Bernstein, who handled the Black pieces in that earlier encounter, and the inquisitive observer is led to wonder whether the Champion, through his choice of opening, is indicating to the world that he has most carefully studied the games of his young Cuban rival.  At all events, yesterday's contest began to turn in favor of Dr.Lasker after 18.Qe2? Qxb2, which secured for Black a material advantage. A subsequent exchange sacrifice yielded a powerful set of passed pawns, and Dr. Bernstein soon resigned in view of the unstoppable advance of the enemy infantry.

A second exhibition game between the same opponents is scheduled to take place in a few days' time, and Dr. Lasker is also set to meet the young Russian co-Champion Alexander Alekhine in single combat, a clash that will mark their first-ever meeting over the board. We hope to present these and other games of the World Champion as they come to hand.

Herewith the Bernstein-Lasker contest:

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