Saturday, March 8

Dr. Tarrasch in Italy: Viareggio

When last we left Dr. Tarrasch the peripatetic Master was in Genoa, having fulfilled his engagement as guest of the Circolo Scacchistico Genovese with great success. We can now report that from there the Doctor traveled along the Italian coast to the seaside resort of Viareggio, where on the 3rd inst. he was fĂȘted in grand style at a banquet in his honor arranged by the local chess society. Following the festivities Dr. Tarrasch conducted an exhibition of simultaneous play on nine boards, winning eight games and losing one, to Dr. Guido Bonanno, a player of no mean strength and participant at the Viareggio tournament of 1912. We present the victory by Dr. Bonanno below, and commend it to the attention of our readers, as the Italian player recovers from an inferior position to defeat his illustrious opponent in masterly style.


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