Sunday, November 17

Barcelona tournament book

We are in receipt of a fine new book by Dr. Esteban Puig y Puig devoted to the Barcelona Championship tournament held earlier this year at the CafĂ© de la Sala Imperio in that city.  The tourney, a 14-man double-round affair, was won by Max A. Albin, son of the well-known Master and openings expert Adolf Albin, with 22 1/2 points.  As it was agreed beforehand, however, that Mr. Albin's participation in the event would be hors concours in terms of Championship honors, that title fell to Dr. Puig, with 18 points, two points clear of the 16 scored by the next closest competitor, Sr. Manuel Gonzalez.

We present below one game from the tournament, a win by the new Barcelona Champion; we will offer a selection of others in the very near future, as soon we find leisure to peruse the volume.


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