Thursday, July 17

Alekhine defeats Hallegua in exhibition game

We are in receipt of the score of an exhibition game contested between Monsieur B. Hallegua, participant in the recent Paris quadrangular tournament, and Russian ace Alexander Alekhine. The latter, as Black in a Queen's Pawn Game, scores the full point in his accustomed enterprising style, sacrificing a Bishop at the 18th move to inaugurate a winning King-side attack. If one may judge by his victories in the quadrangular tourney and the present exhibition encounter, Alekhine appears to be in good form as he prepares to take part in the Mannheim tournament, where, in the absence of Dr. Lasker and Capablanca, he must undoubtedly be reckoned one of the favorites for top honors.

Appended is the Hallegua-Alekhine game score.

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