Saturday, July 19

Beckner, with Queen sacrifice, tops Showalter in training game

Readers of keen memory may recall that in our coverage of last year's Western Championship we offered two sparkling games by Mr. John T. Beckner, a player who seems to possess the happy facility of producing brilliant efforts in abundance. Mr. Beckner intends to participate next month in this year's Western Championship at Memphis, and in preparation for that event the Winchester, Kentucky ace has played several training games against a most redoubtable opponent indeed, former United States Champion Jackson W. Showalter. We present one of those games below, a lively struggle in which Mr. Beckner takes the measure of his more famous sparring partner in brilliant style, sacrificing his Queen to achieve victory as first player in a Sicilian Defense. The variations given in the notes likewise contain much scintillating play and come directly from Mr. Beckner, who neglected only to indicate the point at which he feels Mr. Showalter went wrong, a question we leave to the reader.

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