Friday, July 4

Brooklyn defeats Washington in telegraphic match

The Brooklyn Chess Club, led by Champion Roy T. Black on first board, defeated the Capital City Chess and Checker Club of Washington, D.C., 6-4 in a match played by telegraph on the 30th of May. The contest began at approximately 10 A.M. and lasted fourteen hours, with four games still unfinished and requiring adjudication when play was halted at midnight. The margin of victory may be said to have been provided by the results on the top two boards, with Brooklyn's Black and George J. Schwietzer defeating, respectively, Washington's Norman T. Whitaker and Wilbur L. Moorman. The reader will find these two fine games reproduced below.

The full list of participants and results was as follows:

Brooklyn  6                                           Washington  4
Black, R.T.                      1-0                Whitaker, N.T.
Schwietzer, G.J.           1-0                Moorman, W.L.
Cass, A.C.                      ½-½              Zapoleon, L.B.
Schroeder, M.             ½-½              Walker, F.B.
Selover, Jr., B.C.          0-1                Lovell, R.F.
Taft, Jr., J.H.                 1-0                Pratt, W.R.
Holt, H.S.                      ½-½               Byler, J.W.
Farley, P.A.                    1-0                Stonier, Jr., H.
White, J.H.                   ½-½               Knapp, E.M.
Wolff, L.J.                       0-1                 Adams, E.B.

The Washington men played White on the odd-numbered boards.

Here Brooklyn Champion Black sacrifices a Knight en route to defeating Washington's Whitaker.

In this battle from second board Schwietzer of Brooklyn outplays Washington's Moorman, concluding matters with a Queen sacrifice. Readers are urged not to overlook the alternate - and, in our opinion, quite spectacular - Queen sacrifice that Mr. Schwietzer would have been able to execute had Black played 37...Kg7 in place of 37...Kh8.

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