Wednesday, July 30

Mannheim tournament, Round 6: Spielmann regains sole lead as Alekhine falls to Janowski

(Editor's note: The cable reporting the results and game scores of the sixth round of the Mannheim tournament, played on July 27th, arrived after considerable delay, doubtless owing to an increased volume of cable traffic occasioned by the worsening situation in Europe, with Austria-Hungary having now declared war on Serbia and the other great powers of the continent seemingly on the verge of a general conflagration. We will continue to share with our readers such news from Mannheim as comes to hand in as timely a manner as possible.)

Rudolf Spielmann reclaimed sole leadership of the Mannheim international Masters' tournament by drawing his sixth-round contest vs. Richard Reti while erstwhile tourney co-leader Alexander Alekhine suffered defeat at the hands of David Janowski. Alekhine thereby fell into a tie for 2nd-3rd places with Dr. Milan Vidmar, who played to a draw vs. U.S. Champion Frank J. Marshall. In other games Efim Bogoljubow scored his third successive victory, defeating Carl Carls in only 20 moves, while Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch topped Ehrhardt Post and Gyula Breyer bested Alexander Flamberg. In the day's remaining encounters Hans Fahrni recorded his first victory of the event at the expense of Oldrich Duras, Walter John defeated Dr. Saviely Tartakower, and Jacques Mieses and Paul Krüger played to a draw.


Reti-Spielmann ½-½
Janpwski-Alekhine 1-0
Vidmar-Marshall ½-½
Bogoljubow-Carls 1-0
Tarrasch-Post 1-0
Flamberg-Breyer 0-1
Fahrni-Duras 1-0
Tartakower-John 0-1
Mieses-Krüger ½-½

Scores after 6 rounds: Spielmann 5; Alekhine, Vidmar 4 1/2; Bogoljubow, Reti 4; Janowski, Marshall, Tarrasch 3 1/2; Breyer, Duras, Joihn 3; Krüger 2 1/2; Carls, Mieses, Tartakower 2; Fahrni, Post 1 1/2; Flamberg 1.

The score of the Reti-Spielmann game having not been transmitted along with the others, we begin with the victory by Janowski over Alekhine, a Queen's Pawn Game won by the veteran Master in his happiest style.

Vidmar won a pawn vs. Marshall, but was not allowed even to begin to attempt to turn this to his advantage, as the clever American with 20...Bxa2! introduced a combination leading to a draw.

Carls paid insufficient attention to his f7-square and suffered a quick defeat at the hands of Bogoljubow.

Tarrasch likewise recorded an easy victory as Post's 12th move led to the loss of a pawn and an overwhelming position for White.

Breyer, on the Black side of a French Defense, won a powerful game vs. Flamberg. The Hungarian Master's King-side attack, begun at an early stage, continued with undiminished force even after the exchange of Queens and persisted well into the endgame.

Fahrni at last showed his strength with a victory over Duras, although the Swiss ace might have concluded matters rather earlier.

Tartakower, who is having a difficult time of things to date, lost a pawn at the 28th move and went down to defeat in a Bishop endgame vs. John.

Mieses won a pawn vs. Krüger but proved unable to score the full point in the endgame; a draw was the result.


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