Friday, July 18

Correspondence miniature; Correction

Over the past several months we have collected a sizable number of recent correspondence games, the best of which we hope to share with our readers in good time. Today we offer a bright miniature contested between Mr. Clarence Burton of Jackson, Missouri, and local player Mr. Arthur Haas, faculty adviser to the Interborough Championship chess team at Manhattan's DeWitt Clinton High School. Mr. Haas, as second player in a Giuoco Piano, accepts the doubling of his f-pawns in order to develop an attack along the resultant open g-file  He succeeds admirably in the carrying out of this plan, scoring the game to his credit at the 18th move via a neat checkmate effected by two Bishops and a Knight.


Correction: On the 8th inst. we presented the first-board game between Messrs. Russell and Coad-Pryor from this year's Oxford-Cambridge match. We are informed by Mr. Russell himself, recently returned to the United States, that in the game in question he handled the Black pieces and Mr. Coad-Pryor the White. Our apologies to our readers and to both players; we relied for our original report on the game score as given in a foreign publication that has in the past unfortunately not always proved itself entirely reliable.

Mr. Russell also tells us that while in England he made an even score in a series of five "skittles" games vs. current City of London Chess Club Champion Edward Lasker, a most honorable result against so powerful an opponent. We wish the young Rhodes scholar well in all his future endeavors, which include plans to enroll in New York University Law School and to represent the Brooklyn Chess Club next season in the Metropolitan League.  

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