Saturday, July 12

Lancashire vs. Yorkshire match

The pile of unreported items still on our desk mercifully grows smaller, and we hope to have reduced it to minimal proportions before the commencement of the Mannheim tournament on the 20th inst. Today we present two games from the annual Lancashire vs. Yorkshire match, held earlier this year at the Deansgate Hotel, Manchester. The contest, a large affair over 30 boards, saw the Lancashire men emerge victorious by the score of 17 1/2 - 12 1/2, a triumph largely attributable their superior strength at the bottom of the roster, as the Yorkshire side scored 8-4 from the top dozen encounters.

Our games today come from the first two boards of the match. Here British Champion F.D. Yates, Captain of the Yorkshire side, fends off a most imaginative attack by Lancashire's V.L. Wahltuch  to take the first-board clash.


In this second-board encounter Yorkshire's Mr. C.W. Roberts defeats Dr. Holmes of Lancashire via a pretty Bishop sacrifice.

We will present more games from this match in our next column.

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