Tuesday, July 1

Brilliancy prize games from the City of London Chess Club Championship

We present two excellent games from the recent City of London Chess Club Championship. Each was awarded a brilliancy prize, with the first taking the honors as the most brilliant game played in the top-class Championship tourney and the second being similarly recognized in the concurrent second-class event, the Mocatta Cup.

Yesterday we offered a victory by new London Club Champion Edward Lasker over Mr. R.H.V. Scott. Mr. Scott took last place in the Championship final, a circumstance that attests to the strength of the London Club tourney, as the gentleman in question is a player of no mean ability, having competed, for example, at last year's British Championship at Cheltenham. Mr. Scott suffered six defeats in the final, against only one victory, but that victory was a fine one indeed, as the reader may now observe. The winner offers a piece for a most dangerous attack and later pounces when his opponent commits a fatal error:

The strength of the London Club as a whole may also be judged by the following contest, in which Rev. Craig captures the second-class tournament brilliancy prize by defeating Prof. Cox. The tactical sequence that begins at the 15th move and continues until the end of the game presents an unbroken string of fascinating moments.


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