Monday, July 14

More games from the Lancashire vs. Yorkshire match

We offer today three more games from the Lancashire vs. Yorkshire match. In the first, contested on fourth board, Mr. Burton of Yorkshire gains an early advantage on the King-side vs. Mr. Kelly of Lancashire and carries his attack through to victory in only 21 moves:

In the following thirteenth-board encounter Mr. Powell scores a point for Lancashire, besting Mr. Berryman of Yorkshire via some fine King-side attacking play of his own:

Our final offering of the day comes from the 25th board. Mr. Cortlett of Lancashire advances advantageously on the Queen-side, but misses a winning blow (25.b6!). Then an unfortunate blunder a few moves later allows Mr. Sugden of Yorkshire to end the game immediately with an unanswerable double attack:


As we go to press we have received word of a small quadrangular tournament currently underway in Paris featuring the participation of Alekhine and Marshall. Readers are invited to look for more information on that event in this space tomorrow. 

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