Wednesday, July 9

Games from England

We offer today three fine recent games from England. The first two were played at the annual Kent County Chess Association Congress, held at Dartford during Easter week. First prize in the Congress' Open Championship was taken by Mr. Isidor Gunsberg, followed by Herr Edward Lasker and Mr. George Thomas in joint 2nd-3rd places. As the great St. Petersburg tournament began only a few days after the close of the Kent Congress, Mr. Gunsberg must evidently have departed for Russia almost immediately upon claiming victory in the English event, and one wonders whether the fatigue resultant from undertaking so long a journey so near to the commencement of play might not have adversely affected his performance at the later contest.

The only game by Mr. Gunsberg from the Kent Congress to have reached us is the following sharp draw from a preliminary section of the Open tournament.

Next, in a game from the Open's final section, Herr Lasker overpowers Mr. Raoux, scoring the full point via a King-side attack in a Four Knights' Game.


Lacking a game by Mr. Thomas from the Kent Congress to present to our readers, we offer instead a recent victory by that gentleman from the Championship tourney of London's Metropolitan Club, a sprightly win over Mr. Davidson.


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