Sunday, July 27

Match by telegraph between Los Angeles and San Francisco clubs is drawn, 5-5

A match by telegraph played over ten boards on July 4th between the Los Angeles Chess and Checker Club and the Mechanics' Institute Chess Club of San Francisco ended with a drawn result at 5-5. While our report from California did not provide the individual results from all boards, we are informed that in the aggregate each side won four games, with two contests drawn. The Mechanics' Institute Club thus improved on its showing from a similar match held on Decoration Day last year, and we are most pleased to see that our hope expressed at that time - namely, that the 1913 match would prove to be the first in an ongoing series - has so far been fulfilled.

We have two games from the match to share with our readers. In the first, played on top board, E.J. Clarke of San Francisco survives a powerful attack by Los Angeles' C.H. Whipple and scores the game to his credit with the help of the saving 29...Qxe5!, taking immediate advantage of a newly-created pin on the White d-pawn.

In this third-board encounter E.R. Perry of Los Angeles gains a growing advantage after A.J. Fink of the San Francisco team castles on the Quuen-side. White wins the exchange at the 25th move and displays first-rate technique to claim victory in the endgame.


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