Tuesday, September 10

Alekhine-Ed. Lasker exhibition match: Alekhine wins first two games

We have learned that sometime after the close of the recent Scheveningen tournament Alexander Alekhine, first prize winner at that Dutch event, traveled to Paris, where a three-game exhibition match was arranged between the young Russian Master and Edward Lasker, Alekhine's fellow competitor from the Scheveningen tourney.  The first two games of the match took place in the French capital on the 6th and 7th inst., with Alekhine winning both.  The third contest, as we understand it, will be played in London in a few days' time.  Appended below are the scores of the pair of games won by Alekhine.  

We have also been informed that Alekhine is today (10 September) scheduled to give an exhibition of simultaneous play at the famed Café de la Régence, and we shall of course share with our readers any of the Master's efforts that come to hand from that performance.

In the first match game Alekhine, playing Black in a Three Knights' Opening, displayed his usual vigorous style.  Lasker's decisive error came at the 19th move, as his 19.Rfe1? cost a piece.  Better was 19.Rde1, for reasons the reader will find spelled out in the notes. 

In the second contest Alekhine opened with the Vienna Game, and a spirited fight ensued, with White advancing his pawns on the Queen-side and Black on the King-side as both players sought to storm the opposing King's fortress.  Alekhine's attack proved the swifter, and saw the Russian ace gain a piece at his 25th turn.  Lasker still possessed serious counter-chances in the form of a threatening pawn mass, but Alekhine's skillful play soon put an end to all enemy hopes, the game concluding with Black's resignation at the 39th move.

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