Thursday, September 19

Duras-Kupchik match: Duras wins first game

Oldrich Duras of Prague defeated Abraham Kupchik in 35 moves to take the opening contest of their three-game series, held under the auspices of the Progressive Chess Club at the CafĂ© Monopol, 145 Second Avenue.  Duras, as White, opened with the King's pawn, with play following the usual lines of the Four Knights' Game (Double Ruy Lopez) until Black's 7th turn, when Kupchik selected the rare 7...Be6 in preference to the more common 7...Bxc3.  The Czech Master soon sank into deep thought, consuming 58 minutes for his 10th move.  A relatively balanced struggle ensued, with perhaps a slight advantage for the first player, until Kupchik at his 29th turn unwisely offered an exchange of Rooks and allowed Duras' Knight to enter his position with deadly effect.  Faced with checkmate or loss of the Queen, Black resigned.  

We append the game score below.



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